FatCow Review - Gives Your Money Back When You Feel Unsatisfied
Getting the best web hosting can be a daunting task especially if there are hundreds of web host companies to choose from. If you are just a starter at this web hosting issues then it is best to consider with cheaper web host companies in order to see which ones will work best for you. If you want to have your own dedicated server or just publish your website in the internet, go see the FatCow review and consider the options of considering cheap web hosting.
In FatCow review it states that they are proud to have their services run on green energy, specifically the wind energy. This means that they are an eco-friendly hosting company and when you commit to this hosting site you are contributing to the preservation of the green planet. Not only that, if you are not satisfied with their services they will give you your money back within thirty days.  The FatCow hosting website has a very cute design that makes you delighted to see something very light and friendly for a web hosting site. They have a cow for a mascot in their website promoting their services. The nutritional facts that you commonly see on food products is displayed in the right corner only that the content is the features they offer with their services such as bandwidth, POP mailboxes, MySQL databases, disk space, domains hosted, domain name registration, shopping cart and website builder.
Most web hosting companies offer free hosting plan which is recommendable to starters who only want to put up static pages. The only downside of free hosting plan is that not everything is unlimited and the features are limited. But not all free hosting plans have the same features. It is always best to look at the features and choose the one that will suit your needs. There are other services of FatCow hosting in which it offers shopping carts which is a good deal for startup businesses that prefer to have their products displayed in the internet. Most of the features included are user-friendly tools for site building, tools for Google webmaster, online marketing and selling tools, applications that are easy to install, and credits for advertising for top search engines, among others. Unlike other web hosting sites, FatCow does not have any fees for set up and its activation is easy and quick so when switching from one web host to another it is easy. All the basic things that you need to set up your site is offered in FatCow.
A web hosting firm which continues to be in the business for so very long is surely doing something excellent. The bottom lines of most of the Fatcow reviews are the fact that Fatcow is a good option. The fatcow reviews puts special focus on these kinds of matters in order that the website visitor gets to know more about the web hosting and also allow the clients for taking the right decision.